eric delmare

                                                            was born in 1958 in Rabat, Morocco. He lived in different corners of the world- Buenos Aires, Paris, Burkina Faso, Mexico. He has been exhibiting solo since 1997, firstly sculptures in Berlin and then In Mexico. He resumed exhibiting paintings and sculptures in Paris, twice in Switzeland and Argentina, as well as some artworks in ink in Paris and sculptures in Belgium -2015-. He participated in group exhibitions at 25 salons and biennial presentations in Europe, as well as the UNESCO Salon on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony -2000- exhibiting portraits with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He was in Belgrade in 2007 and exhibited his works done in ink at the House Pavlovic Salon. He realized special projects in the desert of Mali in Africa, using materials found in nature -2004-, a monumental installation in the Lagoon of Burkina Faso -2005- and stained glass window for the chapel of Kanweller and Michel Leiris -2010-. Three publications about his poetry and travel books were published. His last exhibition of drawings, sculptures and installations took place in the CHAOS Gallery, in Belgrade -2017-.

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